My Logon Manager makes logging into websites and filling in web forms faster, easier
and more secure by eliminating the need to enter information manually.

One-Click Logins

My Logon Manager can log you in to your online accounts in just one click. Your emails, forums, banks and other online accounts are filled in automatically. You don't need to type anything.

Reliable Backup and Synchronization

Your data is stored on secure servers for backup in case you experience unexpected problems. Regular synchronization keeps your information updated and accessible to you from additional computers or other devices.

Multi-Platform Support

My Logon Manager works with many of the most popular operating systems like Windows®, Mac® OS X®, Apple® iOS and Android™.

Multi-Browser Support

My Logon Manager supports well-known browsers like Internet Explorer®, Mozilla® Firefox®, Google ChromeSM or Safari®, so you can keep using your favorite browser.

Automatic Form Filling

Completing long registration forms can be bothersome. My Logon Manager automatically fills in forms for you, and makes quick work of even the most complex forms.

Strong Password Generator

Password Generator helps you create bullet-proof passwords to prevent break-ins into your email and other accounts. Creating stronger passwords makes your online experience more secure and you never have to remember them.

Access from Anywhere

With My Logon Manager's web account, you can access your Logins, Bookmarks, Identities and Notes from anywhere in the world.

Virtual Keyboard

Virtual Keyboard allows you to type passwords or personal information in a secure way and reduces the risk of having your keystrokes tracked via keystroke logging.

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