• Manage and create secure passwords

    Take the guesswork out of creating and remembering strong, safe passwords.

  • Fill in web forms in no time

    My Logon Manager automatically fills in web forms for you!

  • Access passwords from anywhere

    Your web account is accessible from virtually anywhere, anytime you need it.

  • What is My Logon Manager?

    My Logon Manager is a password manager program that organizes logins and passwords. Its database contains encrypted password information used for secure logons to access computers, networks, websites and application data files.

  • What is My Logon Manager form filler?

    The My Logon Manager form filler reduces the amount of work required to fill in web forms. Users save time and keystrokes when entering information into form fields, even on the most complex forms. Stored data instantly fills in forms with utmost accuracy.

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My Logon Manager works with Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7 (32 & 64-bit) and Mac®.
Coming soon for Android™ based devices.